IMME Law Offices

IMME Law Offices specialise in Corporate Law and Private Business Law

Dedicated to optimal solutions, we serve our clients individual legal needs.  

Since 1995 we represent and advise companies internationally on corporate and private business law.

We provide personalised solutions and professional assistance. We also offer efficient development and implementation services for projects.

We are a specialised partner for companies in the fields of rail vehicle technology, rail transit, and transportation in general. 


We design comprehensive corporate legal frameworks, such as company agreements or articles of incorporation, managerial contracts, succession plans in family owned businesses and holding companies.

We develop and implement incorporation of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, sale or purchase of subsidiaries or equity, and transfers in Germany as well as abroad.

IMME Law Offices will draft individual contracts, tailored to our clients´ individual needs and conduct negotiations on complex contractual agreements.

We assist our clients in developing new markets or accessing new customer groups. We support our clients in everyday legal affairs, such as labour law or corporate compliance issues.

We advise our clients on tendering procedures, permits and certification, focusing on rail vehicle technology, infrastructure, and transport industries.

IMME Law Offices represent clients in legal proceedings before national courts in Germany and the European Union (at EU level according to national admission requirements).

Representation before international courts of arbitration.


Our law firm has been focusing on international corporate and business law for more than 20 years. We serve medium-sized and large enterprises from Germany, the European Union and third countries providing extrajudicial law services, and represent our clients forensically.

The office's experience ranges from contractual law to
establishing new companies, and includes reorganizing and transforming companies, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Our past experience also includes projects for public clients, such as developing market entry strategies for regional German companies to South East Asia on behalf of the state of Brandenburg.

The geographic involvement is pursuant to clients needs and includes Asian, African, South American nations and of course Europe with a current focus in Central Europe.

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